The Surroundings of Phoo-Na

Quiet in the countryside

A range of activities in the area

San Khamphaeng Hot Springs

Just 20 minutes away by car or moped from our resort are the hot springs of San Khamphaeng. Ideal for a restful day. You can cook eggs in hot water. There is also a swimming pool with thermal water and a wonderful park for walking.

Buddhist Cave

A very special adventure is in the Muang on Cave. First you climb a few stairs to the entrance of the cave, whith a small Buddhist altar. A small gap leads through safe stairs into the heart of the huge cave with a powerful stalactite and a Buddha figure. The special experience of this cave is the absolute silence. After having mastered the many steps in the cave and leaving the mountain, it is worth to sip one of the best coconuts next to the entrance.

Buddhist Tempel

Not far from the resort is the Doi Saket Temple. The wonderful temple is enriched with amazing decoration styles and the paintings on the walls of Vihan. The entrance to the temple and the statues reflect the long, glorious and fascinating culture and history. The ideal place for a romantic sunset with views across the valley all the way to Chiang Mai.

Local market

Every Tuesday there is the local market Doi Saket, which is only a few minutes away from the resort. In addition to local fruits, there are finely grilled delicacies, local sweets, but also clothes. The markets are ideal for getting a taste of local customs, or simply exploring local spices.

Sticky waterfall – Bua Tong

The Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall is located north of Doi Saket in the Mae Taeng National Forest Reserve, a beautiful nature park that offers several exciting activities. The undisputed highlight of the park is of course the Sticky Waterfall. This waterfall is truly unique in Thailand and a highly recommended trip. Because of the minerals, there is somehow so much grip on the rocks that you can easily go up the falls. It’s amazing to climb up and down the sticky waterfall like Spiderman. All white spots provide good grip, but you should be a little careful with the slippery green algae. Great fun for young and old!

Cycling and Jogging in the Rice Fields

If you like cycling or jogging, then Phoo Na Resort is the ideal choice. Surrounded by rice fields you walk on small paths through the wonderful rice landscape. Also ideal for a walk, followed by coffee in the restaurant – cafe of Phoo Na.

Bo Sang

With the moped you drive at a comfortable pace about 30 minutes to Bo Sang. In Bo Sang itself you can visit the “craft village”. In the craft village you can buy your own umbrellas or have a pattern painted on a t-shirt. On the way back you can also visit a small market and a small temple.

Horizon Botanical garden

About 15 minutes away is the Tweechol Horizon Botanic Garden. To explore the garden, you can either go on foot, drive around with an electric car or rent a bike for about 60 baht for the whole day. With the exceptionally well maintained facility there is something for everyone. You can also pedal on the lake, explore the plants in the park or learn about Thai history at the museum. There is also a petting zoo, a playground and a cup of coffee, you can the beauty of the garden to work on.

In addition there are many other excursions such as the “Flight of the Gibon”, the Golden Triangle, Toi Inthanon, Elephant Camp and many others.